Fan of the Week: Todd Zeile Fan/Scott Rolen Hater


We’ve observed the “duct tape jersey” trend before.  See here.  And here.

Covering up one player’s name and replacing it with a duct tape nameplate is typically performed when a new player comes to town and steals another player’s number.  We like this move.  In so many words, it says, “Look, new guy, I like you.  But I don’t trust you enough to update my jersey.  In the meantime, this is what you’re getting.  You best be careful or I’ll write obscenities or draw phallic symbols next to your name too.”

But on Tuesday night, one of our fan hunters observed a variation to the typical aforementioned “duct tape jersey” fan.

As stated, the duct tape trend typically involves a new player’s name over an old one….and shows a bit of irreverence towards said new player.  You know, since he’s not worthy enough (yet) to merit the purchasing of a new jersey.

But this is different.

Sitting on the third-base line with the Cincinnati Reds and Scott Rolen in town last week, this gentleman brought the heat.  He didn’t leverage the duct tape to sport a makeshift Tyler Greene or Ron Villone jersey (the only two players to wear #27 since Rolen’s departure).  No, sir.  He went old school, so as to tell the former Cardinals All-Star that he much preferred Todd Zeile’s tenure in St. Louis.  Bazinga.

That’s good stuff, right there.

When Pujols comes to town next year as a member of the Chicago Cubs, we’re sooo rocking a Rod Booker duct tape jersey.




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