Fan Redemption: an interview with “Texas Rangers hockey jersey guy”


On Monday, we posted a picture of a fan wearing a New York Rangers jerseys to Game Three of the World Series, in Texas.  Since not all Ranger jerseys are created equal, the attire choice struck us as mildly entertaining.  Okay, fine.  We giggled like school girls.

But we weren’t alone.  The photo radiated through Texas Ranger baseball blogs and made its way through general baseball fan circles.  Amongst the readership: the man we mocked.  Heavens to Betsy, the internet is awesome.

His name is Doug Hackey and he was kind enough to email the JoeSportsFan corporate offices on Tuesday afternoon for a brief interview.  Soak this one in, folks; it’s quite the résumé-builder for us.


JSF: Okay, Doug.  First things first; you do know that you were attending a baseball game, right?

DOUG: Of course… those tickets were bought during Game Four of the ALCS.  We had a good feeling the Rangers would advance to the World Series.  My buddy Drew scored the tickets and I paid for a limo ride to the game.  I definitely got the better end of that deal!

JSF: Now, back up a second.  Tell me about the attire choice.  You’re heading out to a baseball game.  You reach into the closet and pull out a hockey sweater?  Why?

DOUG: My aforementioned pal asked if I had a Rangers jersey.  I keyed a little too hard on the individuals words “Rangers” and “jersey” and just said “yep”.  We are both big hockey fans and I returned with the Rangers hockey jersey.  He said, “Are you really going to wear that?” and I said, “Why not?  I’ll just tell everyone I thought you meant you scored tickets to a hockey game and I got confused.”

That statement ended up having a prophetic glimmer.  Did I mention we had a few drinks too?

JSF: Yeah, you mentioned that.  Frankly, that’s the only thing that makes sense right now.  So, tell me you’re from either Texas or New York.  If you say Wisconsin or something, I’m going to lose it.

DOUG: Yep, native born Texan….but a huge New York Rangers fan.  Clear?

JSF:  As mud, thank you.  Let’s move onto some complex inquiries.  I noticed a captain badge on that hockey sweater.  What’s the name on the back?  Gotta be Messier, right?

DOUG:  Not Messier.  I play beer league hockey and my nickname and number are on the back (HACKEY 37).

JSF:  Oh, it’s personalized.  Of course it is.  Are you aware that “HACKEY” is “HOCKEY” with an “a”?

DOUG: Oh, definitely.

JSF: Of course.  Now, let me make sure I understand this: you put a captain patch on your OWN jersey?  Do you ever wear it around the house?  Probably a little emasculating for the wife, no?

DOUG: I was team captain on my beer league team, so I slapped a “C” on.  I do wear it around the house sometimes and my wife has no idea what the “C” or an “A” on a hockey jersey means.  She’s fine.

JSF: Yeah, she’s fine.  Since you were wearing the captain badge at the Rangers game, were you gifted any additional responsibilities in your section?  Like, if surrounding fans wanted to yell at an umpire, they had to funnel their opinion through you first?

DOUG:  Ha, not so much.  They probably actually thought I was dumb as hell.  Well, I am, but that’s not really the point.

JSF: Okay, so you’re a native Texan and obviously a hockey fan.  Any reason you’re not a fan of the Dallas Stars?

DOUG: I love the Dallas Stars, are you kidding me?  I am passionate about hockey and its history.  Your readers will appreciate that I once took a road trip to see the Blues and the Oilers at the Kiel Center (when it was still the Kiel Center).  My primary hockey loyalty is with the Stars!  I also have a Dallas and a Minnesota Stars jersey, but the Rangers jersey made the most sense.

JSF: Yeah, because a Dallas Stars jersey at a baseball game would have just been ridiculous, right?  Now, since you’re a fan of both the “Rangers” AND the “Rangers”, let’s flip this around.  Have you ever worn a Texas Rangers jersey to Madison Square Garden for an New York Rangers game?

DOUG: I’ve seen the New York Rangers play at The Garden and it’s a tough environment.  I am sure those fans would not have been as receptive as the crowd in Texas.

JSF: What about other Texas sports; have you ever worn an Oklahoma State Cowboys basketball jersey to a Dallas Cowboys game?

DOUG:  No.  As a native Texan, my position on this issue is clear… Oklahoma sucks.

JSF: You were sitting pretty close to the action on Saturday night.  Men that close sometimes bring a glove to the game to snag foul balls.  If you were to bring a glove, would it be a Hendrik Lundqvist trapper?

DOUG:  Ha ha…. No.  That’s not a bad idea though!  I would have just barehanded anything heading our way.  I even thought if that happened (snagging a foul ball), I would have given it to an older lady in front of us who had to use a walker to climb up and down all these stairs to get to her seat.  Now THAT is a true Texas Rangers fan!  She would have deserved that much more than me!

JSF: Aw, now why did you have to turn sappy on us?  This is like the end of a “Full House” episode where they start playing soft music and Danny Tanner issues a parenting lesson and starts hugging everyone.

DOUG: Please don’t hug me.  After all, it’s still the World Series and I’m supposed to hate you when the Rangers are playing the Cardinals.

JSF: Or when the Texas Rangers are playing the Blues, right?

DOUG: Right.



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