Fan Trends: duct tape jersey mods are soooo 2011


Over the past few seasons, we’ve observed a growing trend throughout the St. Louis sports fan community.  We call it the “jersey modification“.  These jersey modifications are highly irreverent to former players.  They’re also a swift kick to the ego of new players that occupy the current jersey number.  You know, since said “new player” isn’t worthy enough to merit the purchasing of a real jersey.  Yet.

Still following along?  No?  See here, here and here.

Typically, these “jersey modifications” involve slapping some duct tape across an old player’s name to satisfy the current jersey number’s owner.  But we received an interesting variation this past weekend from Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida.

Oh, yes.

Take that, Pujols.  You and your $240 million contract just got served by some safety pins, Garamond typeface and an HP Inkjet.  Boom, roasted.

We couldn’t help but notice that it’s only half a piece of paper – which seems right.  The beauty of this jersey modification is that it’s extremely modular.  We’re guessing this guy has the entire lineup stashed away in his back pocket, to swap in and out depending on game results.

Just be careful with beer consumption and those safety pins.  Those things can pierce the skin.

(via @MatthewStallard)


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