A Collection of Father’s Day Jerseys at Busch Stadium


For the 2nd straight year, the Cardinals host the Kansas City Royals at Busch Stadium during Father’s Day weekend.  Immediately following the 1:15 pm game on Sunday, all men are invited to the bleachers concourse for bottomless cups of Busch Light and a fight-to-the-death to determine who, in fact, is the number one dad.

Arguments over BBQ recipes and routes to work can get both long and heated, which is why the Cardinals have a scheduled off-day following the Father’s Day game on Sunday.  One thing is for certain: we’re sure to see plenty of jerseys in the stands that proclaim top fatherly status.

Below is a sampling of some our our favorites from last year’s Father’s Day contest.

#1 DAD

This is definitely the most popular flavor of Dad jerseys, especially given that the Cardinals Team Store is selling them.  The jersey below made us laugh since it’s a powder blue variation.  So, is this gentleman saying that he’s currently the #1 DAD…or that he once was in 1982?

Tough to say.


#12 DAD

Mom, Dad and Little One.

We’re unsure why the #12 (perhaps, an homage to Aaron Miles)….but we do know one thing: there’s about 99% chance that there’s a dog at home wearing a Cardinals jersey.



With thousands of men wandering around Busch Stadium with “DAD” on their backs, it can get quite confusing.  I mean, if I’m looking for Dad…forget height, race or the sound of his voice.  The only visual clue that any right-thinking individual can trust is what’s written on the back of some stranger’s personalized jersey.

That’s why this gentleman has you covered.  Dad??  Dad!!!!  Oh, you’re Landen’s dad, not my Dad.  Next.




  • Paulie P says:

    I’m Dad #12. The number is the date of our first date, when I asked my wife to marry me, and our wedding date (and, no, not the same day…just date spread over three years). Now you know…and I’m happy to make the list.

  • Paulie P says:

    oh…not a dog, but a cat.

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