Finally, video of the infamous Mike Laga foul ball…


We’ve been over this before: Mike Laga is a legend.

In addition to having one of the most prolific baseball cards in Cardinals history, he hit a ball out of Busch Stadium.   Out of Busch Stadium.  Now, a few weeks ago, we postulated that this notorious event never happened; since footage seems nonexistent and details of the feat are always presented as folklore.

Today, we eliminate that doubt.  While the Cardinals may have trashed their archives, the Mets (the opposition that night), documented it in their 1986 video entitled “A Year to Remember”.


A few things…

1.) You can watch the entirety of the Mets’ “A Year to Remember” here.  It’s produced similarly to the epic “Heck of a Year” (1985) and “That’s a Winner” (1987) Cardinals videos…but with way more cocaine-infused interviews and forgeddaboutit accents.

2.) Tim McCarver is the lead analyst on the Mets broadcasts and eerily sounds just like the late Phil Hartman.

3.) While this video cleared up substantial confusion in our lives, it may also be the oldest documentation of a ridiculous standing-ovation handed out by Cardinals fans.  One has to wonder if this standing ovation paved the way for future occurrences of unmerited gratitude.

Granted, the Laga foul ball was incredible.   But for every Laga foul ball, there are ten Bo Hart strikeouts where every Cardinal fan turns their head left…then right…and thinks to themselves, “Oh, we’re doing this again?”



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