Fine, the Milwaukee Brewers like to have fun.


Ryan Braun ate it on Wednesday night.  And by “it”, we mean the area of agriculture that exists between third base and home plate at Brewers Park.

After smashing a 1-1 fastball to the left-center gap that eluded Cardinals CF Allen Craig, Braun circled the bases in what appeared to be a definite inside-the-park HR.  As he took a few strides towards home, an invisible sniper in the upper terrace landed a shot to Braun’s lower quadrant, bringing him down.  The Cardinals tagged him out for the third out of the inning as Braun chuckled in disbelief.

You can see the entire thing unfold here.  It’s clear from the video the Braun and his teammates made light of the situation immediately, but what unfolded before Thursday’s afternoon contest was pretty awesome.

Some sort of police chalk concoction made out of medical tape to illustrate where Braun died?

Very nice.

Now, we’re not buyers of this whole “the Brewers are sooo fun and the Cardinals are sooo lame” stigma that has developed over the past few weeks.  It’s easy to have fun when you’re at the top of the division in September.  But, the Brewers gave us a little glimpse of their charisma by having fun with Braun’s mishap on Wednesday night.

If Albert Pujols was the subject of team ridicule, someone would probably lose a limb.



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