Fire Joe Morgan vs. St. Louis Message Boards: The Battle of Eckstein

2010 brought readers a special treat on Wednesday by turning over the site to the writers of the now-retired and their unmatched policing of baseball media.

Amongst their many Wednesday rants was one that touched on a subject that has long had a special place in’s heart - the media’s love affair with scrappy white baseball players.  Or more specifically the scrappiest of them all, David Eckstein.  FJM used their famous cocktail of stats and humor to slice apart a Los Angeles Times article which was the most recent of many proclaming that Eckstein remains underrated.  A sample of their scrutiny…

Of course, one day after FireJoeMorgan attempted to educate the public on the reality of the Eckstein situation as they see it, the message board on STL Today offered up yet another proclamation of love to the little shortstop that could…

Is Eckstein’s “scrappiness” overshadowing his perpetually mediocre performance or is he simply the single piece that carries team’s to the postseason?  The battle appears to rage on between these two extreme positions.  If anyone is wondering where St. Louis sits on that subject, just remember that scrappiness is worth a standing O.

Bonus: FJM fans can certainly appreciate this lovely review of the poetic prose forecasting what will happen to baseball when Eck retires…

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