First Draft – Colby Rasmus Trade Press Release


If there’s one thing that you can count on in the sports world, it’s that when big news breaks in our neck of the woods, JoeSportsFan will have sources on the ground mining exclusive information and documents.

We may be typically be exploring the underbelly of sports, but when it’s time to get journalistic and investigate, we’ll break out the big guns.  Such is the case yesterday, when the Cardinals made an unpopular trade that sent Colby Rasmus to Toronto for pending free agent pitcher Edwin Jackson and two bullpen arms.  Not quite the return educated fans were expecting for a highly touted 24-year old centerfielder going through some rough patches this early in his career.

Knowing the fans were frustrated by what seemed to be a panicked deal, the team’s front office brought in the Public Relations pros to clean up the press release that was sent yesterday afternoon confirming the story.  Let’s just say that once again we managed to get our paws on the first draft…

From the looks of it, this may be the last time the team lets an intern draw up the initial copy of a formal press release.  Back to the nacho stand you go, intern.


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