Five Ways the Cardinals Can Enhance “Social Media Night”


Social Media Night” at Busch Stadium is finally here.

The event commences before Thursday’s game against the San Diego Padres and will serve as a meet-and-greet with notable personalities that support the Cardinals efforts through a variety of social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. But once the game starts, it’s business as usual at Busch Stadium and Social Media Night concludes. Gone. Vanished. TTYL.

But it doesn’t have to end.

Our criticism of the event was well-received around town, so we figured we’d take a crack at providing some ways to extend Social Media Night well beyond the first pitch on Saturday.

#1: Mid-Inning Tony La Russa Facebook Status Updates

As most know by now, Tony La Russa has a Twitter account. From a baseball perspective, it’s a tremendous waste of potential. From a comedy perspective, it’s pure gold, since all of his updates are about dogs, cats, or Steve Perry. It’s quite strange, actually.

Nevertheless, let’s forget about Twitter. Provide the Cardinals skipper with a more interactive platform. Something more expansive.


And make him provide status updates every time he makes a lineup move, so the Cardinals fan base can vote on it. Social media is all about harnessing feedback.


#2: Promotional Giveaway: You Write the Beat

Two of the finest Cardinals journalists, Matthew Leach and Derrick Goold, will be featured guests at Social Media Night.

They should be allowed to interact with media groupies throughout the game, so we’d like to see the Cardinals auction off the opportunity to write their regular post-game columns. Set up an eBay auction and let Cardinals Nation nut bags go crazy. Give the money to charity or something. Who cares, really?

Social media is all about providing a platform for people to interact.

You can’t tell me a front-page column on from “Camero Carl in Festus” wouldn’t insight some intelligent debate.


#3: Apple Ping The Cardinals At-Bat Music

Apple’s recently-released “Ping” service acts as a social network for your music-listening habits. In short, your friends can see what artists/songs you’re listening to…and visa versa.

The Cardinals need a Ping account, stat. Player at-bat introduction music is fascinating. However, with the strong Latino contingent on the current Cardinals roster, the Busch Stadium stereo system sounds like it’s streaming music from Happy Hour at Casa Gallardo.

Don’t get me wrong, it sounds good, but I can’t make out the lyrics. Thus, I can’t look up the song name when I get home.

Simple fix: Apple Ping.

Set up an account and, boom, everyone has a real-time list of Cardinals at-bat music. Now, I’m one-click away from downloading Yadi’s favorite jam. When I play Wiffle Ball in the backyard, I want it to simulate the real thing, dammit. No impostors. “Livin’ La Vida Loca” isn’t cutting it anymore.


#4: Make Dennys Reyes Open a Foursquare Account

Foursquare hasn’t quite caught on in the Midwest yet, which is why we’ll let our local athletes lead the movement.

Foursquare allows you to “check-in” to venues across town with your mobile device. You can also leave comments/reviews at a specific location, collect coupons and gain unique Boy Scout-like badges for frequent location behavior.

By publishing the aforementioned information, your friends can see where you’ve been…or perhaps guess where you’re headed next.

While it would be fascinating for any Cardinals player to open up an account, let’s start large. Literally.

Dennys Reyes. Foursquare. Make it happen.


#5: All Baserunners That Make it to Third Must Tweet

Truth be told, the Cardinals are having trouble scoring runs these days.  At least, ones that aren’t generated from an Albert Pujols or Matt Holliday ding-dong.

Thus, when a runner gets to third base, we want to hear from him.  The Secret Weapon pulls an iPhone out of his back-pocket and that respective baserunner must tweet what he’s thinking.

Simple enough.  Yet, revolutionary.  And telling.


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