“Flat Stan (Musial)” Throughout Recent Cardinals History


As previously mentioned, we’re quite smitten for the Cardinals new “Flat Stan” campaign, which involves printing out a cartoon picture of Stan Musial and taking pictures of it around town.  Oh yeah, it also involves trying to get Stan Musial the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  That, too.

While the Cardinals proactively engage fans, players and associated celebrities of Cardinal Nation, we turn our attention to a complementary (read: completely fruitless) effort.

According to Cardinals President Bill DeWitt II, the organization has been noodling with the idea for a few years now.  It prompted us to wonder….a.) exactly how long have they been noodling….and b.) what potential impact could it have had on past signature Cardinals moments?

Just imagine the marketing impact.

Lets take a look (updated throughout the week)….



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