Fox Sports Midwest knows a quality Tweet when they see one


An old school city like St. Louis undoubtedly still has its share of people who scoff at social media.  The “media” isn’t social damn it, it’s Walter Cronkite telling us what happened in the world that day.

As antiquated as that mindset might be in 2011, we can’t really blame anyone for hating Twitter if their only exposure to it is when Fox Sports throws out their featured tweets for everyone to enjoy.

Rather than going with an intelligent comment, maybe some statistical insight that someone posted, hell even something humorous, last night the FS Midwest production war room sifted through the pile of tweets being sent in and decided to cue up this one for Pat Parris and Cal Eldred to break down:

Nothing highlights how much social media can enhance the experience of following a nightly pennant race quite like a 140 character post that works in a few mispelled words, a handful of random question marks and closes in on double digit exclamation points.  @AMagicMama, do your thing.

On the plus side, Fox did manage to sneak in a clever pun at the top that refers to Glen Frey’s 1985 adopted Cardinals theme song.  That will get a few old foagies on the Twitter bandwagon.

The guy was in The Eagles for god’s sake.


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