We’ve Seen the Future and it has Albert Pujols in St. Louis.


Five finalists have unveiled bold visions for an Arch Grounds makeover contest sponsored by the City of St. Louis.  If you haven’t heard of the competition yet, stick your head out the window because there’s probably a blimp flying by with hourly updates.

I’m not a huge advocate for any of the design concepts, primarily because I’d like to see the City fund effort on things like public safety, decaying school systems and .

Nevertheless, if you must vote on one particular design, might we suggest Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates and their Arch Grounds concept, shown below.

That’s a dude wearing an Albert Pujols jersey in 2015, folks.  No one would rightfully sport an Albert Pujols jersey if he leaves St. Louis after his contract expires in 2012, so we must assume that Ole Number Five is a part of the future that Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates sees.

I like that future and we should trust their vision.

Voting for any of the other design concept may have one of those tricky butterfly-effects where one wrong decision causes dire consequences in the future.

Besides, these Valkenburgh Associates are from New York.  They’re smarter than us and can likely time-travel by now.


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