Get Your Overpriced Pujols Shirt Before It’s Too Late


It’s been nine months since Albert Pujols last wore the birds on the bat for the St. Louis Cardinals. And it’s also safe to say that, by now, you’re probably a bit tired of hearing about that.

He felt disrespected, so he took his statue and the gross domestic product of Iceland and heeded Arte Moreno’s call to head west, young mang. Well, you were there. It was quite an ordeal.

But there’s one downtown St. Louis department store (read: only downtown St. Louis department store) that isn’t tired of trying to sell you Pujols merchandise, which is why the following T-shirt caught us a bit off guard:

Of course, it’s not uncommon for stores to try and unload their excess merchandise from players that are no longer with the team. Typically they do so at a heavily discounted price.  Anyone that’s ever purchased authentic Mark Mulder apparel knows this (and also knows that they are a cheap bastard). So let’s just see how much this relic from a bygone era is going to set us back.

Wow. This ain’t no clearance rack item. Rather, it was mixed in with all the other in-season Cardinals apparel. Seems the good people at Macy’s (and Nike) think 28 dollars for a lame T-shirt featuring a player that turned his back on Cardinal fans is a fair price.

Maybe it would be if on its back we saw this:

Ah yes, the Pujols modified T-shirt. Now that’s worth 28 dollars. If Macy’s wants to keep selling Pujols T-shirts, why don’t they sell these? I bet these wouldn’t sit on the shelves for nine months.

And, much like the navy blazer or the polo shirt, this wardrobe staple of any self-respecting Cardinal fan will never go out of style.


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  • smoothpickles says:

    I would buy the modified version for $28 but definitely not the original one. BTW-Nice picture of the modified version t-shirt.

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