Got $8000 Sitting Around? Buy a PUJOLS Jersey with the Wrong Number.


If you have $8000 laying around the house, eBay has the perfect option for you: a game-worn Albert Pujols jersey with the wrong number on it.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the “wrong” number…but it’s certainly not the “expected” number.

Although Pujols has worn Number 5 on his back since joining the Cardinals in 2001, this eBay seller claims he wore the Number 36 during the 2000 season in the Arizona Fall League.  (Update: picture from Gerald).

Honestly, the randomness and authenticity of this jersey is somewhat intriguing.  It’s not, you know, one of those “I’m a crazy and funny guy” jerseys.  That said, if you plunk down $8000 for this jersey and wear it out, you’re going to look a little out of sorts.

Pujols.  Five.  They’re synonymous.

Then again, this jersey may appeal to the one St. Louis superfan with deep pockets and an affinity for Albert Pujols AND Denny Reyes.

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