Guess what former Cardinal castoff is on Twitter?


Guess what former Cardinals castoff has joined the world of Twitter?  No no, not Ryan Franklin.  We said “former” and besides, Ryan Franklin ended his bout with Twitter after an “incident“.

It’s Mark Mulder.

Tremendous insight, there.

Regardless, Dan Haren is not on Twitter.  Neither is Daric Barton.  Who the hell knows what Kiko Calero is doing these days, but he’s not on Twitter either.  Mark Mulder has (digitally) ousted the aforementioned group.  Somewhere, Walt Jocketty grins from ear-to-ear.  Hey, redemption comes in odd packages.

We’re guessing Mulder has embraced the world of social media to complement his new role as an analyst on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight”.  And as far as Twitter goes, Mulder is actually decent.  He’s opinionated and spells most things correctly.  Compared to other “former athletes turned media,” those two characteristics place him in the top-five percentile.

But, if history has anything to say about it, he won’t be around long.  Here’s how we see the the rest of Mark Mulder Twitter experience playing out.

June 2011: continues to dominate; it’s a new place, so he wants impress
July 2011: tweets-per-day increases, but contextual quality ranges from mediocre to awful
August 2011: one day of solid analysis; 29-days of garbage
September 2011: zero tweets
October 2011: zero tweets
November 2011: gains 2x followers after announcing an autographed jersey contest
December 2011: zero tweets; never gives jersey away
January 2012: forgets Twitter password and picks up a MySpace account

And…in case you’ve missed Mark Mulder on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight,” here’s a sneak peek.



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