Happy birthday, America. Signed, Cardinal Nation.


On Memorial Day, we posted one of our favorite fan photos of all-time.

To recap, here it is.

Busch Stadium.  America.  Dog.

True patriot.

Well, a gracious JoeSportsFan reader sent us another shot of this man in action on Independence Day.  But, this time, he wasn’t alone.

A few things to note:

1.) It appears our original patriot (on the right) only owns one pair of undies.

2.) The new Busch Stadium tattoo (on the left) is a little lost without the signature St. Louis skyline behind it.  Although, this guy may be waiting for that back acne to clear up before getting ink seared into his skin.

3.) The picture cut off a full view of his right shoulder, but did our original dude have his dog tattoo removed?  That’s a little bizarre.  One would think that you get a tattoo of a dog after he passes.  This makes me believe the converse is true: dog is alive and man gets a tattoo, dog dies and man gets tattoo removed.


Then again, this whole thing is.




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