He came, he saw, he celebrated. He wore jorts.


At the conclusion of Johan Santana’s no-hitter against the Cardinals on Friday night, viewers were treated to rogue miscreant celebrating on the field with Mets players, who swarmed their pitcher following the 8-0 victory.  The man jumped along the outer celebration circle in a Gary Carter jersey before he was brought to the ground by Citi Field security.

Ironically, the man was tackled and cuffed in the same lower-third that displayed how historic this event was for the Mets franchise.

He came, he saw, he celebrated.

He wore jorts.

Yes, sir.  In addition to an ’86 Gary Carter jersey, the ne’er-do-well’s lower half was draped in denim.  That is, from the knee and above.  We’re talking jorts here, people.  St. Louis is intimately familiar with jorts.  So is Ryan Theriot, who had a few thoughts about the topic last season.  Yahoo! columnist David Brown is also familiar with the concept of “jorts” and spoke of them in his column this morning.

Needless to say, the Yahoo! commenting contingent didn’t find it entertaining.

We were sad when STLToday.com integrated their commenting system with Facebook.  A face attached to a real identity usually extinguishes good, wholesome internet irrationality.

That being said, it was an appropriate ending for STLToday.com.  Their commentors were no where near the level of boorishness demonstrated by Yahoo! column commentors on a regular basis.  That’s the big leagues.

And we’re all in the rear view mirror of YouTube commentors.


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