Here Are Your 2010 Cardinals Betting Options, St. Louis Degenerates.


Here’s how it usually works in the sports biz; make bold preseason predictions.  If they come true, reference the crap out of them and retrospectively talk about how smart you are.  If your picks don’t transpire, forget they ever happened.  It’s fun.

But personally, I’d like to see one major sports outlet actively promote, and encourage, their baseball analysts to throw down some dough to complement their “preseason picks”.  It would certainly help limit the amount of crap that’s thrown on the wall prior to the season.

You really think the Reds will be the Central’s “surprise team” of 2010?  How about laying down a Benjamin on that?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

So, with four days remaining until the Cardinals’ season officially gets underway, it’s time to take a gander at some interesting seasonal betting options available for you local degenerates.

(Bacott and I will check-in before Monday’s game against the Astros and officially “put our money where our mouth is” based on some of the action below.)

Total 2010 Team Wins:
Cardinals (Wins): 88.5
Cubs (Wins):83.5
Reds (Wins): 79.5
Astros (Wins): 74.5
Pirates (Wins): 69.5

Most Home Runs in the 2010 Regular Season
Ryan Howard – 4:1
Prince Filder – 5:1
Albert Pujols – 6:1
Matt Holliday – 65:1
Ryan Ludwick – 75:1

Odds to win 2010 NL MVP
Albert Pujols – 2:1
Matt Holliday – 20:1
Chris Carpenter – 50:1
Adam Wainwright – 60:1

Odds to win the 2010 NL CY Young
Roy Halladay – 5:2
Tim Lincecum – 7:2
Chris Carpenter – 10:1
Adam Wainwright – 12:1

Seasonal Over/Under’s
Albert Pujols (HR): 42
Albert Pujols (RBIs): 125.5
Albert Pujols (AVG): .327
Matt Holliday (HR): 24.5
Matt Holliday (RBIs): 107.5
Ryan Ludwick (HR): 23.5
Colby Rasmus (HR): 24
Adam Wainwright (Wins): 16.5
Chris Carpenter (Wins): 16
Ryan Franklin (Saves): 34.5

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