In Search of Matt Adams’ Nickname


While we all know the procedure in the Cardinals Fan Handbook when it comes to little guys, we’re beginning to find out that there is a similar process in place when the team calls up a rookie who is the polar opposite. 

Large, meaty sluggers don’t roll through the Cardinals system too often but when they do, the first reaction by the fans is “we need a nickname for this guy.”  When Adams continued his hot start by racking up 6 hits in three games over the weekend including his first bomb, suggestions flooded in to Twitter.

Nothing proves the benefit of “crowd sourcing” quite like finding a nickname for 250lb first baseman:

In addition to these Twitter entries, we saw others such as Smack Adams, Big Atom, The Lumberjack, Grizzly Adams, Patch Adams and Big Country tossed out by various Cardinals fans. 

Some can be ruled out immediately: No baseball player should be named after a movie where Robin Williams plays a hospital clown, so Patch Adams is out.  Big Country is a name that can only be personified by a famous basketball oaf from Oklahoma, and we see no reason that an athlete of any sort in 2012 should be called The Bombdiggity, but that might just be personal taste. 

Big Timber is a city in Montana roughly 1,000 miles from where Adams was born. Bam Bam only goes well with guys with flames tattoo’d on their heads.  Big Hoss is the name of a meathead on Pawn Stars. The only thing anyone remembers about the character known as “The Whammer” in The Natural was that he got K’d on three straight after calling his shot, and no player wants that rep strapped on him.

So there are a few still in the mix being reviewed by our research department, but as of now, there is only one thing that everyone in Cardinals nation has agreed on:

Matt Adams needs a nickname.




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