INFOGRAPHIC: Autograph Price Trends at the 2012 Cardinals Winter Warm-up


On January 14th, the Cardinals will hold their 16th annual Winter Warm-up to benefit Cardinals Care, the team’s community foundation.  Last year, Cardinals Card raised over $700,000 at the Warm-up and they’ve donated over $16 million since the event was founded in 1997.

A majority of the proceeds are derived from autograph tickets sold to Cardinals fans.  With Busch Stadium sitting dormant in the January frost, Winter Warm-up is tremendous opportunity for fans in the red-and-white to get up close and personal with their favorite players.  Shake their hand, take a photo, grab an autograph and explain how you intend to snatch them early in this year’s fantasy baseball draft.  You know, important things like that.

But, this access comes at a price.  Last year, we compiled some historical trends of autograph prices since 2008.   With some notable names (ahem) gone and some new faces in the mix this year, we’ve updated last year’s graphic to show some of the most interesting price fluctuations.

Now, If you haven’t heard, Albert Pujols will not be signing autographs at the Winter Warm-up this year.  But that’s okay.  For the past four years, he’s been the priciest ticket at $175.  Don’t blame the Cardinals, though; God sets his rates.  In addition to the personas listed above, there are some bargain buys available, so let’s take a look at what you can get for $175 at this year’s festivities.

The “Fill the Superstar Void” Package ($175)
- Lance Berkman: $100
- Matt Holliday: $75

The “Politely Ask These Guys for Pujols’ Autograph” Package ($175)
- Yadier Molina: $75
- Tony La Russa: $40
- Rafael Furcal: $30
- Rafael Furcal (ask again): $30

The “Remember the Good Old Days” Package ($175)
- Whitey Herzog: $75
- Red Schoendienst: $75
- Mike Shannon: $10
- Jack Clark: $5
- Ray Lankford: $5
- Kyle Lohse (he’ll be out of baseball by June): $5



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