INFOGRAPHIC: The Most Popular Cardinals, According to Google


Every Cardinals fan has their favorite.

Eh, who are we kidding, everyone likes Pujols the best.  The self-proclaimed best fans in baseball are also tremendously uncreative.  Who knew.

Anyway, we often wonder how our local fan-favorites stack up in Internet land.  Who are the most talked-about?  We decided to compare the number of Google search results for 2011 roster notables.  A digital popularity contest, if you will.

(Click graphic below for high-res version)

A few notes:

1.) Pujols.  Wow.  Without question, he’s the most popular Cardinal.  No doubt.  But since there’s only like 11 or 12 people that know how to use the internet in St. Louis, you could argue that his worldwide popularity is higher than it is locally.

Now, let’s get crazy.  At $17,000,000 per season, Matt Holliday will be the highest paid Cardinals player in 2011.  If you compare his internet popularity numbers to Pujols…and equate them to yearly salary, Pujols should be making $108,700,210 per season.  Hey, $30 million doesn’t sound so bad anymore, does it?

Feel free to use that ridiculous reasoning, sports talk radio callers.

2.) Nick Punto.  Double wow.  People across the world love scrappiness, plain and simple.  This popularity will only be inflated during his tenure in St. Louis.

3.) Colby Rasmus.  Upon seeing this graphic, we’re certain that Colby’s father, Tony Rasmus, will work around the clock creating websites, blog posts, and forum topics to get his son’s number ahead of Tony La Russa’s.


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