Print your “Injured Cardinals Pitcher BINGO” cards today


Per Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cardinals are doubtful that Jaime Garcia will make his next scheduled start after he returned to St. Louis on Wednesday morning to have his left shoulder examined (again) for a possible injury.  This comes after Garcia had one MRI scan on May 30th and missed a previous start despite all results coming back “clean”.

Garcia isn’t the first subject of a dodgy Cardinals injury evaluation.  There’s Mark Mulder, Chris Carpenter, Brad Penny and oh, Chris Carpenter.  And that’s just naming a few.  Maybe the Cardinals brass and team doctors know the grim nature of these injuries from their onset but are afraid to accurate characterize their magnitude to a passionate fan base.  Who the hell knows, really.

One thing is for certain: the information that they share with the public is about as reliable as Scott Spiezio as a designated driver.  As such, we’ve decided to have a little fun with St. Louis press conference where injuries are discussed.

We call it “Pitcher Injury BINGO”.



  • James in Wichita says:

    You forgot “tipping his pitches…” and “dead arm,” both of which typically result in Tommy John.

  • Devon says:

    “Problem with his mechanics” “Rehab stint” “Season ending” “Career threatening” “Bullpen Session”

  • Andy says:

    Should have made it a “Jump to Conclusions” mat, starting with “visit the team doctor”.

  • Matt Sebek says:

    Good stuff James/Devon. Sounds like we need to create another card, eh?

  • Devon says:

    Thanks Matt. Yea you may need to make another one, i got more “altered his arm slot” “Placed on 15 day DL, retroactive . . .” “Dr. Andrews” “Bone bruise” “Ligament damage”

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