It wasn’t Molina. It had to be Roger McDowell.


Yadier Molina lost his damn mind in what served to be the most intriguing Cardinals game of the season on Tuesday night.

A few things we know…

  • Every media member in the area has an opinion on what transpired last night, meaning that the local airwaves are filled with even more viewpoints that are way off target.  Hard to believe, I know.
  • Fox Sports Midwest continues to embarrass themselves by taking a “The Cardinals can do no wrong” mentality.  Don’t believe us?  Listen to the play-by-play differences between the Milwaukee and St. Louis broadcasts here.
  • In his post-game press conference, Tony La Russa denied that Jason Motte threw at Ryan Braun.  La Russa is entitled to his opinion, but Cardinals fans shouldn’t be surprised at the national backlash that usually follows his ill-timed denials.
  • It’s really hard to dislike Prince Fielder after last night’s fiesta.  He served as a mediator following the Braun plunking and his post-game quotes were stellar.  Read them here (via Derrick Goold).
  • Yadier Molina will undoubtedly serve a hefty suspension for his actions last night, but home plate umpire Rob Drake was a bit dramatic with his neck recoils.  So much, in fact, it served as an impetus for the creation below.

Back, and to the left.

Back, and to the left.

The  Seinfeldian in us would be mistaken to not draw a connection between the event above…and the fact that the umpire’s name was “Drake”.

Hate.  The.  Drake.



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