January 2010: The McGwire Press Conference at Winter Warmup


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January 2010

January brought us the Cardinals Winter Warm-up, featuring the usual collection of long autograph lines, ridiculous merchandise prices, and a healthy mullet-per-capita ratio.

This year’s Winter Warm-up edition featured a new, yet familiar, Cardinals personality.  Namely, Mark McGwire as the Cardinals new hitting coach.  A few weeks prior, a misty-eyed McGwire was interviewed by Bob Costas and (somewhat) admitted to using steroids during his playing career.

We were all supposed to move on.  But yeah, that didn’t happen.

The St. Louis media scurried around McGwire, funneled him into a weird hallway in the Downtown Hyatt and grilled him with questions for the next six minutes.

You can watch the entire uncomfortable session here.

Frankly, we’re tired of the whole steroid judgment session, but it’s still humorous to remember the excruciating grimaces that were delivered during the six-minute “honesty session”.

On top of that, the graphic above is timeless.

McGwire is pretty much off-limits to the media, but we’re guessing he would show many of the same expressions when asked why Skip Schumaker’s on-base percentage dropped 55 points this season.

Oh yeah, and about those merchandise options at Winter Warm-up.  It’s always my priority to locate the corner of discounted gear.  There are traditionally some real gems in there and the closest sports merchandise world has to “The Island of Misfit Toys”.


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