Jersey of the Week: Cinco de Mayo Edition


We have very little idea what this jersey means or why someone would willingly wear it to a Cardinals game, but it was Cinco de Mayo yesterday and we thought it was appropriate.

A few things…

1.) Odd choice to mix a Spanish surname like “Señor” with an English word like, “Stout”.  Although truthfully, that’s probably the least of this guy’s problems.

2.) We’re unsure why #69 is appropriate here, but it’s usually an indicator that the subject has spent a few nights on the bathroom floor, covered in his own puke.

3.) This happens to be the only jersey in our illustrious collection that contains one of those cute little Spanish “n’s” with the twirly-thingy on top.  Translation: we don’t have a Tony Peña jersey in our collection, which is sad.  Help us out, people.



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