Jersey of the Week – Slapping Two Legends in the Face


Today newstands will fill with the June edition of St. Louis Sports Magazine and, in it, the Tailgate Talk question of the month that Sebek and I batted around was fairly straightforward – “If you and a friend engage in a bet and the loser has to wear a personalized jersey of your choice to a game at Busch, what jersey are you choosing to ensure ultimate humiliation?”

My answer was simple – send him to Busch wearing a #6 jersey with the name “Musial” recklessly misspelled on the back.  Bungle the most prestigious name in Cardinals history and watch disappointing looks reign down on him from fans throughout the stadium the entire game. It’s tough to get much worse than insulting “The Man”, right?

Well, it took about one day for someone to provide us with a photo of a real jersey that does even more damage…

(h/t Tim Huskey)

Stan Musial’s number…with Albert Pujols’ name – a remarkable feat that manages to insult perhaps the two greatest Cardinal players of the last century with just one piece of clothing.

It’s like strolling into an Edmonton Oilers game wearing a #99 sweater with the name “Messier” stitched on the back. Or a San Francisco 49ers jersey featuring the #80 below the word “Montana”. When your franchise can boast two all time greats, don’t mash them into one entity.

If his goal was to make some bizarre tribute to Albert Pujols and Stan Musial, he would have been better off buying a #56 “Pusial” jersey.  At least that strips it of any chance that you’re just a moron who got the names and numbers of two Hall of Famers mixed up.

That or maybe Albert is breaking ground on his new restaurant called Pujols6 and the rest of us just don’t know it yet.

Let’s just hope this guy lost a bet.


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