JoeSportsFan Interview: The Busch Stadium Field Rusher


On July 31st, Busch Stadium ushers arrived at work assuming that the Sunday night game between the Cardinals and Cubs would be another day at the ballpark.  Demand to view ticket stubs, attend to a few people smoked in the noggin’ by foul balls, and yell at some bleacher fanatics for yelling too loudly.  In other words, business as usual.

Little did they know, Maggie Luter and Nick Gillen were in attendance that night.

They were the pair of college sophomores that darted on the field in the bottom of the 6th inning; starting from a third-base field box and into center-field where they eluded Busch Stadium security for minutes, before being captured amidst a thunderous applause from the 43,960 in attendance that night.

Since television networks are foolishly convinced that not showing field rushers will prevent future acts, Cardinals fans at home didn’t get to see the handiwork of Maggie and Nick that night (that is, until we posted the photos/video on the following day).  Nevertheless, we needed to dig deeper – which is why we sat down with Maggie to found out more.

JoeSportsFan: Who’s idea was it to run on the field? You or Nick?

Maggie: It was on Nick’s “Bucket List” things to do in life and I willingly joined in.

JoeSportsFan: Wow.  I’m curious to see the rest of that “Bucket List”.  Also, we’re marking you down as the coolest girlfriend of all-time.  For most girlfriends, simply attending a Cardinals game will earn them significant relationship points.  You took “date night at Busch Stadium” to a whole new level.

Maggie: I just like doing fun things.

JoeSportsFan: Clearly.  Anyway, did you guys have a code word or secret signal to notify the right time to jump on the field?

Maggie: Nope.  We just looked at each other and said, “Okay, were doing it now…”  We climbed over the wall and took off together.

JoeSportsFan: Did you communicate a plan before jumping overboard?  Run to centerfield?  Avoid security for as long as possible?  High-five Berkman?

Maggie: The plan was to just run onto the field.  That’s it.  We knew we were going to get caught, but we didn’t care.  We definitely talked about out-running security for as long as possible.  I think we accomplished that!!

JoeSportsFan: Well, kind of.  Nick got brought down by security in centerfield, but you outran all of security and actually were able to jump into some seats in right-field before slipping in an aisle.  The ESPN broadcast team that night said you looked like Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  Did you run track in high school?  Did you feel this was an advantage before rushing the field?

Maggie: I ran cross country for a few years in high school.  I’ve also played soccer for about 13 years now.  So yeah, it probably helped with my field-rushing stamina.  Most of all, I had a huge adrenalin rush when everyone starting cheering.  I’ve always been pretty fast though.

JoeSportsFan: What in the hell happened to your shoes?  You ran across the field barefoot.

Maggie: I was wearing flip-flops.  I took them off and gave them to a fan before jumping.  I hardly wear shoes anyway.

JoeSportsFan: Those flip-flop belong in the Cardinals Hall of Fame.

Maggie: No doubt.

JoeSportsFan: Since this all came out, you definitely got more attention than Nick.  Maybe it’s because you were extremely fast…maybe it’s because the majority of field rushers are boorish fraternity dudes.  That has to make him jealous, right?

Maggie: Hahaha!!!  That’s funny.  No, Nick is not the jealous type at all; he thinks it’s funny.  We only did it to have a good time, not to get any attention.

JoeSportsFan: Right, because running on the field in front of 40,000+ people is never about attention.  When you finally got wrangled, did you receive any nastiness from the Busch Stadium ushers?

Maggie: The Busch Stadium ushers were kinda rude, but I didn’t expect any less.  I would have done the same thing if I was them.  They were just doing there job.

JoeSportsFan: Did you get to visit the Busch Stadium jail?  How was that?  Was Scott Spiezio in there?

Maggie: No Spiezio.  And yeah, we spent a few hours in there and it sucked.  The cells were really small, smelled like vomit and made me extremely claustrophobic.

JoeSportsFan: Well, and plus, you were intoxicated.

Maggie: Absolutely not, we’re both underage ;)

JoeSportsFan: Ah, I read ya.  Final question.  I think what Cardinals fans want to know the most are the consequences for such malfeasance.  What was your penalty?  A hefty fine?  Forced to smell Al Hrabosky’s mustache?

Maggie: My Busch Stadium jail bail was $250.  My lawyer will be an additional $400 to ensure we only get trespassing tickets.  More consequences are coming, but they’ll be easy.  I’ll find out when I go to court in October.

JoeSportsFan: Are you banned from attending games at Busch Stadium?

Maggie: That could be one of the consequences from my court date.  But, currently?  No, I’m not banned.

JoeSportsFan: So, $650 and some highway clean-up to become infamous in front of 40,000 people?  That’s like two pennies per fan in attendance.  We should start collecting relief funds at the gate.  Attractive field rushers that don’t cause harm are fun for the whole family.

Maggie: Make it happen.


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