Jose Canseco sort of apologized to Tony La Russa


The internet had a big day yesterday.

First, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook held his first big release keynote that was watched by millions online.  When his presentation was over, millions more flooded to to check out the new iPad, making the website temporarily unavailable due to traffic demands.

Next, “Kony” became an internet star.  He lived in anonymity before this week, but a viral marketing campaign by the advocacy group Invisible Children increased awareness about the jungle militia leader who is wanted for atrocities and is being hunted by 100 U.S. Special Forces advisers in four Central African countries.

And then, this…

Yes, sir.

That’s what the internet is all about, kids: giving exiled baseball players a platform to extend a digital olive branch to their former managers.  In this case, Jose Canseco apologizing to Tony La Russa for the downhill spiral of MLB steroid allegations over the past decade.

We’re sure this is exactly what Twitter creator Jack Dorsey envisioned when crafting his product in 2006.

Of course, two hours later at 1:12 AM, Canseco sent the following update, so who the hell knows if he’ll even remember this offering of remorse.


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