JSF Playoff Recap: NLCS Game 1


Game Recap in 50 Words or Less
Freese and Beltran plate 4 runs with bombs, Descalso and Kozma continue their rampage and the bullpen locks it down after Lance Lynn starts getting rocked in the 4th.   San Francisco fans leave AT&T Park depressed and wearing Panda outfits. Cardinals 6, Giants 4

Joe Buck Saves the Day
For as much heat as Joe Buck gets from the national audience, everyone was collectively breathing a sigh of relief when he showed up from Candlestick in time to take over the play-by-play duties from Tim McCarver before the first pitch. 

Even Tim McCarver was relieved.  That or he just nodded off in the middle of the intro segment, either way…

Man Hugs are Totally Appropriate in the Postseason 
If Dancing with the Stars ever needs a male athlete duet, we’ve got two in St. Louis that are primed and ready to take the judges by storm.

Tim McCarver Out of Context Quote of the Night:

“It may be simplistic, but a guy out there pitching one inning can unload both barrels.  He has nothing whatsoever to save himself for.  No pacing yourself.”

One tip: don’t ever repeat Tim McCarver’s baseball analysis while at a bar that is not showing a baseball game. 

Game 1’s Puntastic Headline
Most of the time it’s a single word that serves as the crux of the headline pun. Standard procedure.  Only the best of the best can squeeze in two with such limited real estate on the front page and it normally needs some serious support verbage to make it work.  When you can craft a two-word, two-pun headline then you, my friend, are in a different league. 

It never hurts to pretend the person writing it had no clue what the name of the losing team was or that their pitcher was named Bumgarner, he was just really high.

We Remember…1987 NLCS
We knew what “One Flap Down” was based on his ridiculous homerun trot, but we had no clue that he was also nicknamed “Penitentiary Face”.  Baseball-Reference.com does not add nicknames to a player’s profile on a whim. 

Five Takeaways for Game 2
1. With Matt Cain lurking in Game 3, it sure would be nice for the Cardinals to steal another one in San Fran. Obvious, but still needs to be said.

2. Of the teams remaining in the 2012 postseason, the Giants lineup is the least imposing, meaning it’s sort of scary that they racked up 94 wins and are in the NLCS.  Shouldn’t someone not named Buster be slightly intimidating when they step to the plate in a crucial situation?

3. Matheny’s hook when it comes to starters needs to be much quicker on non-Jaime Garcia pitchers.  That said, if he tries to take Chris Carpenter out too early, there might be a brawl on the mound.

4. A historical milestone or not, Jose Feliciano’s version of the national anthem sounds like it’s done by a shitty cover band. 

5. If Marco Scutaro played for the Cardinals he would get his first standing ovation within two weeks of the season.  Guaranteed.  Not sure if you know this, but the BFIB have a quick trigger when it comes to standing ovations for short, white guys.

Game 2: 7:00 CT; Carpenter vs. Vogelsong


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