JSF Playoff Recap: NLCS Game 2


Game Recap in 50 Words or Less
Marco Scutaro was nearly killed after a 1st inning slide by Matt Holliday according to fans and media.  Despite his near-death experience, he rose up and drove in three runs with a bases loaded double.  Ryan Vogelsong, (aka Vogelsang to Mike Shannon) neutered the Cardinals offense for a 7-1 win.  Giants 7, Cardinals 1, Series tied 1-1

Tim McCarver Out of Context Quote of the Night
“That hole on the right side is wide open.  And Pence loves to pepper that hole.”

Even if it’s in context, anything that has to do with Hunter Pence peppering holes creeps people out at this point.  Dude is slightly frightening.

Let us all Pause for a Moment of Silence for Marco Scutaro

Giants Fans or Gonzo Impersonators? 
According to Urban Dictionary, the word “bluenose” is defined as:

An aggressive prude that engages in censorship, behaves like a puritain, and condemns you as if they were a religious zealot because they are acting like so full of pride when they are
really full of shit.

According to GiantsFan Dictionary, its fans who hate Matt Holliday and look like these two:

Paging the Heart of the Order
One of the most overwhelming powers that playoff baseball possesses is that, in just 9 innings, the confidence level for a team’s fan base can plummet from “this might be a sweep” to “we may have some major problems here”. 

Though it may not have been that extreme for Cardinals fans after the Giants bludgeoned them with a 7-1 victory, it still served as a notice that some things have to change for this team to lock up a World Series appearance.

Namely the middle of the order has to step up. 

Mike Matheny has gone the polar opposite route of his predecessor by penciling in the same batting order every game of the postseason.  And over the past seven games, the heart of that order – Holliday, Craig and Molina – has floundered despite occupying the enviable slots in between Carlos Beltran and David Freese.

Their line: .208 BA, 11RBI, 6XB

Obviously it’s a small sample size but, in the playoffs, producing in that small sample size is the only option if you want to advance.  Pete Kozma and Daniel Descalso won’t carry this team without the middle of the order’s help. 

Another Moment of Silence for Marco Scutaro

Thoughts From A Message Board: Matt Holliday Twitter Edition

After the Holliday-Scutaro incident occurred in the first inning, Giants fans took to their social media outlet of choice and began lobbing insults and threats of all kinds at the Cardinals left fielder.  We had the threat of physical violence that has 0% chance of coming to fruition…

We had misguided anger towards his religious preference…

And of course, no message board compilation is complete without the random sexual reference…

Fox’s New Tech Breakthrough
When runners are on base and Fox elects to go to the upper deck camera behind home plate, how the heck were viewers supposed to know where the baserunner was standing?  That’s crucial information…even though we already know what base he’s on. 

Enter that magical video game-style name bubble. 

Thank goodness for that name bubble, otherwise we would have assumed a drunken hooligan fan had run onto the field and conveniently set up in scoring position. 

Wait until Game 3, when they unveil their newest graphical masterpiece…


Game 3 Preview

Matt Cain on the mound taking on Kyle Lohse as the series returns to St. Louis.  We all know who will be on Cain’s mind…


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