JSF Playoff Recap: NLCS Game 4


Game Recap in 50 Words or Less

Adam Wainwright goes seven strong to make up for his NLDS Game 5 start and the Cardinals jump on Lincecum to run away with it. Welcome back to the offense, Matt Holliday and Yadier Molina, glad to see you could make it. Cardinals 8, Giants 3; Cardinals lead series 3-1

What Tim McCarver Was Saying

After unfairly mocking a few McCarver quotes by extracting them from their context over the past few nights, we figured it was only appropriate to feature a few of his actual quotes that need no context to mock…

“Yadi trying to win a second World Series ring”

Actually, Tim, he has two already. Occasional factual errors are part of your charm, right? Right?

“David Freese, up there first pitch swinging again”

David Freese does like himself an occasional first pitch. On the money, Tim McCarver. Although we will point out that the observation makes less sense when said after David Freese watches the first pitch go by for a ball and swings at the second pitch as was the case here.

“This is the one guy the Cardinals do not want to see in these situations” (referring to Marco Scutaro)

Nothing wrong with a little opinion thrown into the mix. We’ll retort with a quick counterpoint – the presumed National League MVP was standing on deck. Tim apparently is a strong believer in small sample sizes. As it ended up, Marco Scutaro grounded out to the pitcher after shattering his bat.

“I don’t like the word ‘humiliate’ either, but whatever baseball humiliation is, that’s what the Yankees went through in four games with the Tigers.”

Tim, if you don’t like the word humiliate, then there is no reason to randomly pull it out to describe the Yankees demise. It’s akin to me saying I don’t like the word retard, but sometimes I think you sound like a retard.

“If those were hard toed shoes, the catcher wouldn’t be able to squat”

And with that, we bid Tim McCarver adieu for the evening.

Inside the Mind of Sign Guy

We know the intent of Sign Guy is largely to get featured on television with his hand-crafted, pun-laced artwork, and we know that is something he has done with great frequency over the years. So when Matt Carpenter strokes a double off the wall and the crowd erupts, what does he have in his hands…

But wait, you always feature the targeted signage facing towards the field, correct? That’s where the cameras are inevitably defaulting to in order to get dugout reaction from Carpenter’s teammates. So we instantly wonder did a seasoned veteran of his trade such as Sign Guy forget that he had the most applicable of witty phrases on the backside of the cardboard he was holding up? Was this a miscalculation by the master?

But then the other side chimes in. Is it also possible that this man has such as innate sense of how the Fox director will handle the camera angles, that he knows they will go with a wide angle shot from behind him showing a large swath of crazed fans with his oh-so-timely signage rising above as the centerpiece?

Was it a mistake or is he a genius? And, either way, were the people behind him pissed because they couldn’t see what the hell was going on?

We want to know.

The Lowest Risk Sports Bar Promotional Tweet of the Night

Step 1: Find out which player is not in the starting lineup due to injury

Step 2: Wait until just about 60 minutes before first pitch, so you know for sure that nothing has changed and he is still firmly planted on the bench

Step 3: Send out a tweet that your bar will offer free shots every time said injured player hits a homerun that night

Step 4: Unveil a sly smile knowing that you just demonstrated your savvy customer service skills without costing yourself a dime.

Step 5: Begin crafting tomorrow’s killer shot special offered anytime Lance Berkman crushes a grand slam.

BFIB Strike Again

Apparently when a section of fans got word that the rally device being distributed to fans for Game 4 was a silent towel to wave, they were not satisfied.  Damn it, it was time for Thunder Sticks and if Busch Stadium wasn’t going to give them away, these folks were going to do it themselves…


Regardless of the fact that they look like large phallic symbols, the BFIB were not going to be denied.

Resurrection of Holliday and Molina

We all know that there are Cardinals fans who question Matt Holliday’s “clutchness” from time to time (read: every postseason). And through the last 8 games, he had done little to calm any concern that he was morphing into rally killing black hole in the middle of the lineup. It didn’t help that hitting behind him were his struggling counterparts Allen Craig and Yadier Molina, who together make up the most potent part of the lineup.Thank god we had Daniel Descalso and Pete Kozma to prop up the lineup while these guys found their stroke (okay, Carlos Beltran and David Freese helped too).

But last night, the middle of the order awoke and winked at the critics.  According to Baseball-Reference, the three plays that increased the win probability for the Cardinals were courtesy of Holliday and Molina.

Holliday’s first inning single to open the scoring added 12%, his fifth inning base hit that scored Matt Carpenter to make the score 3-1 added another 10% and Yadi Molina’s follow up single to score Holliday tacked on another 7% for good measure. When the fifth inning rally was complete, the probability of a Cardinals win was sitting firmly at 88%.

Good to have you fellas back.

Game 5 Preview

We’ll let ESPN’s headline writers do the heavy lifting here.


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