JSF Playoff Recap: NLCS Game 7


Game Recap in 10 Words or Less

The Cardinals didn’t show up.  The Giants did.  The End. Giants 9, Cardinals 0; Giants Win Series 4-3

The Pantheon of Game 7 losses

If there is one thing that is consistent when the Cardinals franchise loses a 3-1 lead and goes to a Game 7, it’s that they get destroyed in that Game 7:

When it Rains, Jon Jay Glows

We’re guessing Fox didn’t calibrate their green-screen ad board behind home plate for a monsoon.  That or Jon Jay was sent from Mars to hit a 9-run homerun in the 9th. 


Ten Things Cardinals Fans Won’t Miss About the Playoffs

10.  Drew Brees singing One Direction songs

9. Ryan Vogelsong’s huge nostrils

8. Anytime Lance Lynn pitches in the fourth inning

7. The inevitable feeling of anxiety when a flyball is hit into the general direction of Matt Holliday

6. Fox cutting to the camera that follows Brian Wilson around the dugout at all times

5. Closing your eyes at night and seeing Hunter Pence staring back at you

4. Witnessing Pete Kozma’s rapid decent back to earth

3. The baseball mashing robot crafted to look like Marco Scutaro

2. Any words out of Tim McCarver’s mouth

1. Bruce Springsteen singing about trains

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am off to pop in my favorite DVD and slide into my Fredbird PJ’s.


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