JSF Power Rankings: Worst St. Louis Sweeps


Sometimes, the final game in a series sweep is almost merciful. Yesterday was no different. The Kings had thoroughly dominated the Blues since the opening period of Game 1 and it was humane for the Kings to put St. Louis out of its misery.

A Blues win may have kept them on life support, but there was little hope of the dramatic 180 that was necessary to take the series to seven games.

To prolong our depression even more, today we break out the JSF Power Rankings to see where the Kings-Blues series falls in the worst sweeps in St. Louis sports history:

5.) 2008-09 Blues

After sneaking into their first postseason since 03-04, Blues fans were fired up to rekindle some of the intensity seen in previous postseasons. They had split the regular season series against the Canucks (2-2) so there was at least a glimmer of hope.

No one realistically expected this team to make a sustained postseason run, but a win would have been nice. Instead they got steamrolled by the Canucks, with the 4th loss coming at the Scottrade, in overtime to make it just a little worse.

So much for that glorious return to the playoffs. We’ll just go ahead and blame the captain, Eric Brewer for the whole thing.  Fits in nicely with the theme of that era. 

4.) 2009 Cardinals

Despite winning their division, the Cardinals were the team that got saddled with an opening round series against the top team in the NL, the 95-67 LA Dodgers. But, hey the Dodgers were probably just as pissed that the Wild Card came from their division because it meant they had to go through a rotation anchored by Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright in a short series to advance.

One out away from tying the series 1-1 and heading back to Busch, things took a bit of a turn when a routine flyball plunked Matt Holliday in the junk, setting up a Ryan Franklin meltdown and a 2-0 series lead for the Dodgers.

After beating two of the top three starters in the NL on back-to-back nights, Game Three was basically a formality. The Dodgers rolled 5-1 over Joel Pineiro and the Cardinals limped home, still winless in the postseason since 2006.

3.) 2011-12 Blues

It wasn’t necessarily the fact that the Blues got swept by the #8 seeded Kings, it was how they got swept that was depressing. After an awesome run in the regular season, it was as if an entirely different team showed up for round 2. The defense sprung leaks in every game, Brian Elliot plummeted back to earth after his spectacular season, the power play was non-existent and they were thoroughly outplayed every step of the way.

After they were embarrassed in Game 2, at no point did it appear as if the Blues had any chance at making the series competitive.

A painful end to an otherwise encouraging season.

2.) 2007 Mizzou Tigers

It wasn’t a sweep in a traditional sense, but when the best football team Mizzou had fielded in a quarter of a century lost its only two games of the season to the same team, it qualifies.

Unlike the ones above, the stakes were at an all time high for the Tigers going into the second game of the season series against Oklahoma. Ranked #1 in the nation after they defeated Kansas, a win against the Sooners in the Big 12 Championship game had them headed to the elusive BCS national championship game. The stakes were surreal to anyone that followed Mizzou football through their two decade-long “rough patch”.

The 31-17 beatdown the Tigers suffered was a crushing blow given the payoff had they won. But at least they got rewarded with a bid to the pretigious Cotton Bowl to end the season, because nothing caps off a tremendous season like a meaningless exhibition game.

1.) 2004 Cardinals

When it comes to depressing series sweeps in St. Louis, its hard to imagine that anything will ever come close to the 2004 World Series.

It was arguably the best Cardinals team in my life time, racking up 105 wins, advancing to their first World Series since 1987 after a dramatic NLCS against the Astros and facing the historically doomed Red Sox. Boston seemed to enter the series with two distinct paths to choose from – riding the momentum after their freakish comeback against the Yankees in the ALCS, or a vicious plunge back to reality after being drained by their 0-3 comeback.

I think we all know which one they chose.

Not only did the Cardinals lose four straight, but to make it worse, they did not lead for a single inning. After all the drama in the NLCS, Cardinals fans never witnessed a single positive moment in the World Series.

To top it all off, Jimmy Fallon was running around Busch Stadium field celebrating on camera for the horrific mess they called “Fever Pitch”. The Cardinals were just a bit player in the Boston coronation.

At least Bill Buckner was off the hook.


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