JSF Show, Episode 13: The One with Kurt Warner (and Scott Rovak)


Every now and then, we like to bring people onto the show that you don’t normally hear from on other St. Louis sports talk shows. While this week’s guest isn’t as random (or admittedly bizarre) as some of our previous oddities like Ray Vinson and Towel Man, he’s undeniably interesting. That man is Scott Rovak, the head honcho of St. Louis Cardinals photography.

While you may not be familiar with the name, we’re sure most St. Louis Cardinal fans have seen Rovak’s work; it’s everywhere, from the epic shots that make covers of magazine to player headshots that are displayed on the jumbotron and Busch Stadium.  He’s the man behind the camera.  He’s also has the best seat in the house: the exclusive camera pit next to the Cardinals dugout.

Sitting next to Mike Matheny with a zoom lens?  Male or female, that’s something we can all appreciate.

Featured Guest: Scott Rovak

Random yet contextual show references: Todd Zeile, Brock Berlin, Valerie Bure, DJ Tanner, Tony La Russa, Billy Bob Thornton, Ryan Theriot, Dan McLaughlin, Colby Rasmus and the Busch Stadium Streaker.

This Week’s Bit/Game: “Six Degrees of Jose Oquendo”

Links Mentioned in Episode 13:
Scott Rovak’s online gallery (link)
The PUJOLS jersey to trump all PUJOLS jerseys (link)
Tony Rasmus talking about Canadian money (link)
KSDK’s story on the Lingerie Football League (link)
Episode Four of the JSF Show with Ray Vinson (link)
This week’s Weekly Hypothetical (link)

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