June 2010: It turns out people don’t really like Mark McGwire


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June 2010

January featured the infamous Mark McGwire impromptu press conference and Forbes.com followed up six-months later by highlighting McGwire as one of the “Most Disliked People in Sports”.


According to the report, Forbes surveyed people 13 and older and the group of respondents included active sports figures.

McGwire was smacked with a 48% dislike rating – which was more than Alex Rodriguez (45% dislike), but less than Michael Vick (63%).  We’re no McGwire apologists, but he’s only 15% less disliked than a guy that admittedly killed and tortured dogs?  Keep in mind, this report was conducted months before the grand “Michael Vick Redemption Story” began.

Nevertheless, 50% seems about right for McGwire.  Given the call-ins on local sports talk radio, that seems accurate.  One idiot loves him….followed by another idiot that hates him.

Repeat as needed.



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