Lance Berkman is Funny. Funny Means Wins.


Tuesday night in the 4th inning, Lance Berkman stepped to the plate with runners on and smoked a line drive up the middle scoring Matt Holliday and giving the Cardinals a 2-1 lead.  With his sharp analytic eye, Al Hrabosky elaborated on his theory as to why it is that Berkman is such a valued addition to the team – sense of humor.

No doubt that was what he called on when a fastball was bearing down on him at 90 mph. 

Earlier this year, Bernie Miklasz treaded on similar territory.  Bernie conceded that he doesn’t believe chemistry is worth all that much, but the theme was the same…

Did you see Lance Berkman in the dugout in the late innings of Wednesday’s 15-5 victory in Arizona? The Fox Sports Midwest cameras offered a telling view of the kind of personality Berkman has brought to the team. You saw him there, talking with Matt Holliday, apparently telling a funny story. Albert Pujols was seated to Berkman’s immediate right. And Pujols looked relaxed and happy. A couple of other Cardinals were in the background, listening. A little while later, after Pujols got up, pitcher Kyle Lohse sat next to Berkman, and the conversation began anew. Later on, it was Chris Carpenter’s turn to sit next to Berkman. It’s almost as if teammates were waiting for their turn to hang out with him.

So with all the chatter about what a great personality the Big Puma brings to the clubhouse, we did some digging to see how a former enemy on the Astros was able to win over his teammates so quickly.  Didn’t take long for us to spot the reason…


Wear an oversized hat, a fake mustache, change your name to Turd Ferguson on team photo day and, uh, it’s funny.  Funny = chemistry and chemistry = wins.  Simple formula. 


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