Last Night’s Ode to Izturis


With the Cardinals lighting up the D-Backs for 15 runs on Wednesday, those who stayed up to watch the explosion saw the most prolific offensive performance the team has had in the last two years.  The 15 runs were the most posted since August 22, 2008, a night the Birds offense erupted in an 18-3 route of the Atlanta Braves at Busch.
As any astute baseball man might remember, August 22 was the night that Cesar Izturis posted the single greatest offensive performance in his Cardinals, neh his entire, career.  Just as a refresher, here is the box score…

When the dust settled after that game, Izturis had bumped his average to .258, the highest point it had been over the previous 69 games, and launched him into a streak that sent his average soaring to the .263 mark he would finish the year with.  The four singles he smacked bumped his OPS to .633, it’s peak position for the remainder of the year before it settled at .628 on the final night, his most prolific since 2004.

It was the last time in Cesar’s still-active career that he racked up four hits in a game, despite 268 chances to repeat that performance over the past two seasons. 

Sure he only drove in one and scored one of the 18 runs that hit the board, but we didn’t want to steal this moment from the other guy we called Izzy.  

Why is what Cesar Izturis did in a random game three years ago worth reliving after the current team put up 15 runs the night before?  Well, it’s not. But no one can take that night away from one of the least memorable shortstops to wear the Birds on the Bat over the past quarter century. 

No one.


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