Lego Wrigley Field is missing something…


Our cyber homie Erik Manning over at the Cardinals blog “Play a Hard Nine” steered us in the direction of a fantastic Lego representation of Wrigley Field.

We’re not quite sure why we’re just now seeing this masterpiece, because it was created over a year ago.  Specifically, the pictorial progression of this creation is fantastic.  Adding a human kid in the background of the photos was a nice touch.  You know, make us at least think that a 6-year old made something like this, not some sweaty Chicago slob who is 50 years past his Lego prime.

Nevertheless, Wrigley or not, we’re intrigued by this project because the realism is fantastic.  But we feel like there are a few elements missing.  You know, to make it more life-like.

Namely, drunken Wrigley idiots and the smell of urine.

We can’t help with the urine, but a solution seems fairly simple.  For the drunken Wrigley idiots, a few passed-out Lego guys scattered across Waveland Avenue should do.  Add a few mini Old Style cans for added effect.  Heck, go wild and attach a few bits of puke to the Lego guys if we’re going to do this thing right.

Now, excuse me.

I’m off to build a Lincoln Log version of Busch Stadium


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