Let the Pujols Drama Begin…


If there is one thing the national media is good at, it’s throwing gasoline on a fire that doesn’t really exist yet.

In this case, the “fire” is the early stages of the inevitable Cardinals negotiations with Albert Pujols.  The lines of communications have been opened between the team and its franchise player a year before he becomes a free agent and yet the starting point of those negotiations has already been morphed by SI.com’s Jon Heyman into a “squabble”…

In the national media’s handbook, it is recommended to portray an offseason situation as something significantly more controversial to aid in trying to sell it to the audience.  That remains applicable even if the story itself is downplayed by the author within the article…

We suspect the alternate tease for Heyman’s article was something along the lines of “The Pujols contract negotiation could be a huge drama, but we’re betting that it won’t be.”

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