Mark Mulder is debuting with ESPN on Friday night.


Remember when Mark Mulder was relevant?  Like, more than, “I saw his jersey for sale in a dated Lambert Airport merchandise shop” relevant?

Yeah, it’s been awhile.  Nevertheless, Mark Mulder returns to the national stage today when he joins ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” crew as a featured analyst.

What say you, Mark?

“I’m excited to join Baseball Tonight’s pitching rotation,” said Mulder. “I’m looking forward to working with my new team and lending some of the insight and perspective I gathered during my career.”

Heh, “pitching rotation”.  The forced puns will suit him well in the mainstream media.  His new “team” mates (more play-on-word points) should be cautious about Mulder’s insight, though.  If it’s anything like his real career, he’ll make an appearance on Friday night and they won’t see him for months.

While we sit here and wonder how much ESPN’s corporate insurance policies increased with this addition, we’ll use the opportunity to post a photo of one dedicated fan who decided to support Mark Mulder on Opening Day last week in St. Louis.

Cardinals fans never cease to amaze.


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