Maybe he just has really tiny hands.


We suppose there’s nothing wrong with grown men bringing baseball mitts to baseball games.  Or complaints are more about where grown men are wearing baseball gloves inside the stadium.  If you’re using it to protect yourself (and family) from scorching liners behind the dugout, cool.  If you’re 650-feet away in the bleachers or in the last row of the upper tank, you’re probably not going to see a ton of action.

It’s no secret that Cardinals fans travel well.  Apparently, they also travel with their laced rawhide because the gentleman below was caught by our fan hunters at the Cardinals/Rockies game in Colorado last night.

Man, that thing is tiny.

We love the juxtaposition of this guy being flanked by a fairly tough entourage, but wearing a youth baseball glove on his hand.  Then again, maybe he just has tiny creepy hands, like Cee Lo Green.  He’s a fairly large guy, but maybe he has a size/power complex and this small apparatus makes him feel bigger.  Someone take a look at his keychain.  If it’s one of those tiny baseball bats, we’ll know for sure.

(HT: @thefilesfiles)

Related note: grown men with gloves at the Home Run Derby in 2006, when hundreds of men stood outside of Busch Stadium, hoping to snag a can of corn.


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