Mayor Slay is terrible at winning and losing bets


Prior to the start of both Cardinals playoffs series, Mayor Slay made bets with the mayors of opposing cities. By and large, these mayoral bets are harmless, but silly because they quickly evolve into a media slobber fest of the mayors themselves instead of the cities that are competing.

Since that type of narcissistic fodder is right up Mayor Slay’s alley and crime and public school reform are well under grasp in the Gateway City, bets were placed with Mayor Vincent Gray of Washington DC and Mayor Edwin Lee of San Francisco over the past month.

With the Cardinals surrendering the NLCS to the San Francisco Giants on Monday night, Mayor Slay paid his portion of the bet by changing his Twitter avatar photo.

Stunning, eh?

We’re sure the mayor of San Francisco is real proud of the crystal clear clarity of that image and Mayor Slay’s ability to pause his television and take a photo with his cell phone. You know, as opposed to simply searching for “Giants championship logo” on Google.

First Google image result.


Anyways, Mayor Slay’s journey through happenstance continued on Wednesday when the St. Louis flag was hung and flown over the District of Columbia’s main government building for a day. It was the result the NLDS bet between Slay and Mayor Gray of DC.

Mayor Slay confirmed the executed debt this morning on Twitter.

Now, you’re probably wondering why the NLDS bet was executed AFTER the conclusion of the NLCS and nearly TWO WEEKS after the Cardinals finished their series in Washington DC.

We’ll allow Jim Farley, vice president of news and programming at WTOP in Washington DC, to take the wheel for a second.

“The St. Louis city flag is flying over D.C.’s primary government building today to payoff a bet between the two mayors during the NLDS. The bet would have been paid off earlier, but Slay sent the flag UPS Ground instead of air.”

Oh, perfect.

Jim Farley was actually nicer than he needed to be. UPS transmit maps show a delivery time of three days from St. Louis to DC, meaning Slay was both frugal and late. Slay is supposed to be sending some artifacts from St. Louis to Mayor Lee’s office as well. We hope they enjoy stale Imo’s pizza, flat Schlafly beer and toasted ravioli sprinkled with parmesan and mold microbes.

Mmm, mold microbes.


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