Meathead Cardinals Fans Find the Ultimate Deal


The “Dynamic Deal of the Week” from this week offered fans a unique opportunity to attend an entire April series against the Pirates or Nationals from the all-inclusive Bank of America seats.  Cost? Just $23.33 per individual ticket.  Sounds like a solid deal to get to take advantage of with some friends, especially considering $23 is what you’d otherwise spend on food and beer by about the third inning of a normal game.

When the Cardinals ticket office broke out the calculator and figured the lump cost for the deal, things got even more promising.  You’re buying tickets to three games at $23.33 per ticket, that means you’re coming out of pocket for exactly $69.  Fist pump.  Suddenly they knew who they were appealing to – those who cherish Cardinals baseball and the ultimate meathead number.

So if you’re interested in snagging some early season discounted tickets through this deal, just know that you’ll probably be sitting next to guys like “Hollywood”, “Senor Stout” and apparently an Albert Pujols fan who thinks it would the most awesome thing in baseball history if Pujols changed his number…

Absolutely nothing says “these Cardinals fan will be headed to the East Side after the game” than knowing that they paid $69 three chances to wear their #69 jersey.

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