MLB Knows How to Appeal To Kids These Days


Even though they don’t quite have the cache with youngsters in America as the NBA and NFL have started establishing, Major League Baseball has some tricks up their sleeve on how to hook the youth on their sport and eventually become a walking billboard. 

Specifically the Cardinals have reached out to local parents and began drilling it into their heads that there are ways to get your children – even if they’re infants – to start eating, breathing and permanently wearing Cardinals gear from the time they can recognize the logo.

And when we say permanently, we mean permanently.  

We stumbled onto a specific example of this at a local Walgreens earlier this week.  As you can see, snuggled in between the Starting Lineup collection of goodies noted as “officially licensed gear for your little fan” and the logo enhanced baby bib, sits the item that all parents want their kids longing for by the time they can walk and cheer on Kyle Lohse – the officially licensed tattoo sleeve. 

It’s never too early to get your kid in the state of mind that encourages an inked up tribute to their favorite team.

Whether it be the little man strapping on his faux tats before he heads out to play Wiffle Ball with the other boys in the neighborhood or just watching his pops put on the sleeve before slugging 24 ounce cans of Busch and yelling “Franklin sucks” at the TV, just know that for $8 at Walgreens you’ll have a critical tool needed to ensure that your kid can become an aggressive part of Cardinal Nation and make the family proud when he goes ahead and takes the plunge…

Start ‘em young, Cards fans. 



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