Did the Cardinals make Molina and Motte tweet something nice about Tyler Greene?


Tyler Greene’s tenure in St. Louis has been dicey.  Since he was drafted by the Cardinals in the first round of the 2005 MLB Draft, he’s been lauded as player with loads of ability, but criticized for his lack of consistency.  His erratic residency reached a critical mass on Wednesday night during a 15-0 Cardinals loss to the San Francisco Giants.  Greene, had the following to say when asked about home fans booing him after an error:

“Then don’t come to the game.  Just cheer for your team.”

Aw, noyoudidint.

You do NOT tell baseball’s best fans how or why to cheer.  Greene was promptly traded to the Houston Astros on Thursday, much to the delight of many fire-breathing St. Louisans.  After the game, Yadier Molina and Jason Motte bid their (former) teammate farewell.

Hmm, wait a sec.

Yeah, that looks like the same goddam message, posted at nearly the exact same time.

One of two things happened here:

1.) Motte and Molina were standing next to each other and posted the exact same message, verbatim.

2.) A third-party posted the message to both accounts, thinking no one would notice.

Given the unlikeliness of #1, we’re going with scenario #2, which is far more disappointing.  St. Louis doesn’t have many sports personalities that have embraced online personas.  Yadier Molina and Jason Motte have been two local stars over the past year that embraced Twitter.  Fans haven’t always had the opportunity to interact with their heros; Motte, in particular, uses the platform to frequently take/answer a variety of questions from the public.  He’s been a delightful representation of what social media offers because his Twitter persona is an extension of the affable character that many see on television and at the ballpark.

If something is amiss in the two Twitter posts above, it’s extremely discouraging.  We’re not naive to the social media strategies imposed by MLB Advanced Media.  Furthermore, the Cardinals have always maintained a tight grip on their digital footprint as it pertains to employees and team-moderated social accounts (e.g., their Facebook and Twitter pages).  During Spring Training this season, they issued some moderate guidelines for players on Twitter, but they’ve never puppeteered individual players; at least to our knowledge.

We understand the importance of controlling a message, but if fans can’t trust the authenticity of their favorite players on Twitter, it’s a slippery slope and one where the Cardinals should proceed with caution.  Not all of their fans are as blind as they’d like to believe.

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  • Ray DeRousse says:

    The Cardinals could’ve at least translated Yadi’s version into Spanish! It takes, like, two minutes on Google.

    It actually could be for some other reason. For instance, it could be some sort of inside joke of which we’re unaware. Who knows. The strong insinuation that there is some dark, sinister, conspiratorial effort at work here is more disturbing than anything put forward by the “facts” of this article.

  • Josh says:

    Considering Yadi’s grasp of the English language, I’m going with C: Yadi copy/pasted Motte’s tweet.
    This could also add a plausible twist to “A”.
    “Hey, Motte. ‘elp me twet sumting about Yler.”
    “Here, copy this”
    But yes, B is very likely and disappointing. Especially since Yadi did not make a Spanish tweet about it like he normally does (like Perron and his dual English/French tweets)

  • Mike says:

    Is it possible that all 3 players have the same agent/agency/PR team? I don’t understand what interest the Cardinals would have in pumping up TG like this, but a party who still stood to gain from him and/or was still promoting him would make more sense.

  • VINCE says:

    way to make something out of a big fat nothing. slow newsday, i guess. like i always say, twitter if for twits.

    and don’t for one second even contemplate the entirely plausible conclusion a reasonable person might come to concerning the booing of a cardinal player, especially one who has worked as hard as greene has (whatever you think his shortcomings as a player might be, you’re a fool to accuse him of not giving 100% every time out), which is that maybe, just maybe, the term “baseball’s best fans” is a silly and unrealistic term. the alternative being–oh the sacrilege to even think such a thing!!–that maybe st. louis DOESN’T have the best fans in baseball?

  • Can’t say I am surprized by Tyler’s exodus considering his errors this season, however I will be watching to see if he can correct his course with everyday activity. Best of luck!

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