More St. Louis mascots delivering Valentine’s Day flowers? Ugh.


For weeks now, the Cardinals have been pushing the ability to bid on the delivery of Valentine’s Day flowers from Fredbird.  You know, because nothing says true love like hand-delivered roses from another man dressed in a pantless, over-sized bird costume.

Nevertheless, the Cardinals established five auctions to bid on these special delivery services throughout the day on February 14th.  All five auctions started at $200, but as of Thursday afternoon, all were above $550.  Not too shabby.  From a business perspective, we’re fascinated with the Cardinals ability to open up additional off-season revenue streams that have very little/no relationship to their on-field performance (see: Winter Warm-up, Busch Stadium Bridal Shows, etc.).

Others in town have taken note.

More specifically, the St. Louis Rams.

Always the beacon of creativity at Rams Park.  Why copy the idea directly?  If a woman is over-the-moon to get flowers delivered by Rampage, something tells me she isn’t going to be thrilled with a dozen roses.  Now, a case of Bud Ice and carton of Virginia Slims?  Now we’re talkin’.

However, we especially like the idea that there are two mascots in town vying for Valentine’s Day services.

Um…sorry, honey.

I lost out on the Fredbird auction, but here’s an over-sized goat with a bouquet of flowers as a sign of my love and admiration for you.



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