Nike’s new clothing line features Ozzie Smith’s mustache


Yesterday, Nike debuted a new MLB clothing line entitled the “Cooperstown Heritage Collection” – which features t-shirts portraying the iconic silhouettes of mustached Hall of Famers.

Plain and simple, we like the idea.  Any institution that provides promotion for some of baseball’s best lower nose beards, we’re all for it.

Just one problem: by limiting the collection to Hall of Famers, Nike is missing out of some of the best lip sweaters to ever grace the baseball diamond.   Sure, they have some goldmines with Mike Schmidt and Reggie Jackson, but the majority of the silk-screened face fur is questionable, especially since some of the mustaches in the “Cooperstown Collection” aren’t even in Cooperstown (e.g., Randy Johnson’s Seattle shirt, Johan Santana’s Minnesota shirt).

Case in point: the St. Louis Cardinals edition which features the bearded silhouette of Ozzie Smith.

There’s no doubt that Ozzie is revered in St. Louis, but his facial hair arrangement probably wouldn’t crack our local Top 10.

Just to name a few: Al Hrabosky, Todd Worrell, Brendan Ryan, Tommy Herr, Vince Coleman, Danny Cox, Tom Lawless, Dan Quisenberry and the beacon of athletic mouth sweaters, Keith Hernandez.

And frankly, we feel that this guy was overlooked too.


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