No Better Time to Celebrate Worthless Baseball Cards Than Now…


Meet Howard Hilton.  You probably don’t remember him for his play on the field as a St. Louis Cardinal in 1990.  Not a shock considering he’s thrown only 3 more innings in his Major League career than you or I.

But like many short-term MLB players, Hilton’s legacy lives on through a simple photo plastered onto a piece of cardboard.  Anyone who happened to be hoarding baseball cards through the 80′s and early 90′s were certain they would be worth more in 2012 than they were in 1990.  A good Rated Rookie card was akin to holding some early shares in Apple.  But  as the years went by, our investment proved to yield nothing more than ample sticks of pink plastic masquerading as bubble gum.

Well, that and an easy source of baseball-related humor. 

With the annual baseball card photo extravaganza – otherwise known as “spring training” – in full swing, we saw no better time than now to celebrate our tribute to failed childhood investments, otherwise known as The Worthless Card Collection.

Because where else will you get tidbits about Howard Hilton’s second job, Tom Lawless’ karaoke dominance, or Frank Dipino’s tanning addiction?

And if ever you were curious to hear the untold, behind the scenes stories about the photo shoots themselves, we also sat down with the man who snapped these legendary portraits.  His name is Earl Sanderson and he can take you “Beyond the Cardboard”

“Beyond the Cardboard”, St. Louis Cardinals Edition from Joe Sports Fan on Vimeo.


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