Official Release: Cardinals Release “Pooches in the Park” Details


The Cardinals have *finally* released information regarding the annual “Pooches in the Park” event at Busch Stadium.

It’s about doggone time.  Hey-o.

The event take place on June 6th this year, which is a Sunday day-game against the Milwaukee Brewers.  Tickets cost $110 and go on sale Friday morning (April 16) on

A few things:

1.) $110 per ticket?  Really?  That’s the cost of like 55 liver-flavored biscuits, which is a lot of bones.  I haven’t met your dog, but I’m guessing he’d appreciate the bones better than a trip to Busch Stadium in the summer heat.  Just sayin’.

2.) Schedule wise, the best thing about this announcement is that its a Sunday game, meaning KSDK (not the FS Midwest crew) will be covering the game.  That means a whole lot of Ricky Horton….and if we’re lucky, Rene Knott here and there….commenting on token shots of the specialized dog/human section at Busch Stadium.  The pun rolodex will be spinning that day.

Throw him a bone, dog tired, every dog has his day.  The possibilities are endless, really.

3.) This whole post was one giant excuse to post a picture from last year’s “Pooches in the Park”.  Surprise.  Quite frankly, I’m saddened that this photo didn’t make the official press release sent out this afternoon.


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  • moose drool says:

    it’s nearly the same or the same as a ticket for any weekend game on the Coca-Cola Patio. Just upset that you don’t have a friend that would accompany you to the game? The lack of comments on here shows the volume of your fan base.

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