Oh, yes. Another modified PUJOLS jersey.


As expected, once we started posting photos of PUJOLS jersey modifications, additional St. Louis fans began submitting their handiwork.  Sheesh, people.  It’s not even Opening Day.  Let’s not peak too early.

But the photos from Roger Dean Stadium below were just too awesome not to pass along.  It’s good to know that the next generation of snarkiness is in good hands.

That’s tremendous stuff.  Most importantly, it’s a unique take on the Pujols jersey modifications, which have traditionally involved dollar-sign or a reference to money in some capacity.

Apparently, the staff at Roger Dean Stadium enjoyed these tikes enough to allow them on the field for some post game photos following the Cardinals game against the Miami Marlins on Sunday afternoon.

(via @lilket2)



  • Robert says:

    Looks like the work of a bitter father. Clever though I’ll give it to ‘em. Reminds me of when Terrell Owens was traded to Dallas. We were a little more brutal though.

  • Scott says:

    Not a bitter Father, I just have a good sense of humor. I wish the best for Pujols and think he would have been crazy not to accept the Anaheim contract.

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